Grayling Hollywood School of Beauty

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Course Offerings & Tuition

Cosmetology Course

Manicuring Course

Esthetician Course

Student Instructor.

$15,000 +financing costs

$ 6,000 +financing costs

$ 7,000 +financing costs

$5,000 +financing costs

All courses have a $150 non-refundable registration fee.

Course cost Includes:

  • Fully licensed instructors that actively working behind a chair
  • Small class sizes
  • Kit valued at $1000+ salon cost $1,800+ retail
  • Job Placement Services
  • We offer financing through TFC Tuition right in our office
  • Cosmetology, Manicuring, and Esthetics have 1 state board run through

However, if you would like more you have the option to pay for a second one. 

We keep our class sizes small so you can get the most from our demonstrations and never feel like you're just a number.  We also work closely with the State of Michigan and PSI to ensure our students are capable of passing their state boards upon completion of their required hours and assessment qualifications. {The owner sits on a special board that monitors content and making of the theory portion of the board testing.}

Call to schedule your contract signing. You will need to bring your full kit deposit, your banking information, and a willingness to learn when you sign your contract.

2019 Course Schedule:

Jan - Cosmetology

Feb - Manicuring 

April - Cosmetology

May - Esthetics 

July - Cosmetology

August - Manicuring

October - Cosmetology {this class may or may not start in October}

2020 Course Schedule:

January - Cosmetology

March - Manicuring

May - Cosmetology

July - Esthetics

September - Cosmetology

November - Manicuring (This class may or may not be held.)

{Course pricing is not determined at this time for 2020}

All contracts and deposits must be made 30-45 days prior to start date. Cosmetology Instructor classes can start with every cosmetology class start date.


GHSB is a NO REFUND school. We are a place of business and hope that you can respect that.