Grayling Hollywood School of Beauty

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About Grayling Hollywood School of Beauty

GHSB is owned  by MCR Enterprises Limited LLC and managed by Ronniece and Chuck Ray. Ronniece holds 4 licenses and has actively worked in the field for 20 years. When Ronniece is not at GHSB she can be found with her clients in her home salon or with her family somewhere across the country.  Ronniece can also be found attending career and job fairs across Northern Michigan during the spring. If you see her make sure to stop in and say Hello. Chuck is more of a silent partner, however he can be found in the building doing maintenance issues on some Saturdays and building stations and cupboards in his home garage.

GHSB would love for you to take a tour, talk with Ronniece, speak with current students, and fall in love with the cosmetology field.  We value the time we get to spend with each student and are thankful that each one of you has entrusted your education with GHSB and Ronniece.
We have graduated students that are owners of salons. We have graduated students that have been nominated Stylist of the Year in their first year of salon work. We have many students that have built a clientele while in school so when they get in a salon they already have clients. I hope that when you graduate, I can add something new to this post.

Do you love working with people and helping them look and feel their best? So do we! Welcome to the cosmetology career path.

Contact us.  989.344.7000  or [email protected]

Sign up NOW and start on the next scheduled class start date.

We can only have 20 students so if we are full we will have a waiting list. You can opt to prepay and start your payments while waiting for your course start date and guarantee a space once one is open.

Grayling Hollywood School of Beauty continually strives to make your learning experience better by:

  • Bringing in new product lines, 
  • Building more efficient stations
  • Hair Shows (when available)
  • Career Fairs
  • Product Classes
  • Guest presentations from former students working in the field 
  • Full or Part time
  • New students or Transfer
  • 100 hour refresher classes $1000 if pre-paid or $2500+ if financed

We would love to train you and help find you a place of employment where you can grow and thriveWe are a great source of salons hiring.   We partner with several spas and salons for placement and re-training. 

Come join our school family and maybe one day you will be one of our guest presenters and asked to teach us something new.

**Any one needing GHSB to fill out forms other than what GHSB provides will be charged $50 per page. All forms must be brought to the school in person and an appointment is required for this service. **We are sorry to have to do this but it is becoming an issue.